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Those who aim to work in marketing must do their best to sell themselves as the perfect hire. One easy way to do this is by writing a cover letter to accompany your resume. Your cover letter can act as a nice introduction to your future employer and demonstrate your excitement for the position. Then, you can use this important document to talk about your finest achievements. With this free marketing assistant cover letter sample, you can get help with the specifics.

Free Marketing Assistant Cover Letter Sample

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Dear Mr. Gibson,

Today’s marketing world is highly evolved, thanks to the advancements in technology and the way consumers respond to promotions. As a new graduate of college, I am someone who has been updated with all of the newest, effective marketing techniques available. I believe I would be of great benefit to your company as a marketing assistant.

I bring both academic and professional experience. As a part-time employee for the student affairs office at my university, I was often tasked with developing promotions and ideas to help generate interest in student activities and events. I used my creativity to come up with clever Twitter campaigns and shareable content that allowed the office to exceed its goals for student participation.

My next role was a marketing intern in a major marketing firm. During my internship, I was exposed to the industry basics of promotions and branding. I also had the opportunity to work as part of team to help boost the company’s current sales figures.

My strong commitment to success and my knowledge of social media could put your organization at a great advantage. I am interested in having an interview with you in person to further explain the rest of my ideas. Thank you for your time.

Create Your Cover Letter

What to Include in a Marketing Assistant Cover Letter

If you want to write a cover letter that helps get you an interview, it’s important to make it interesting. Use this free marketing assistant cover letter sample as a reference, and don’t simply reword your entire resume in paragraph form. Instead, use specific details from your life and job experiences to paint a picture of your future success in the advertised position. Transferrable skills are key. Also, make sure you greet the reader by name and end the letter with a thank you.

Industry Specifics to Include

The competitive marketing industry requires employees to have strength in certain areas. You can demonstrate this strength by modeling your letter after our free marketing assistant cover letter sample and by including these skills:

• Organizational skills: In the marketing world, you must show that you are able to juggle different tasks and meet deadlines.
• Creativity: You may need to develop creative ideas for unique campaigns.
• Ability to work with people: Most marketing departments are team based, so your people skills should be stellar.
• Ability to communicate: You must demonstrate strong written and verbal communication skills, so your message is clear.


(Name of Hiring Manager, Title)
(Name of Company)
(City, State, Zip)

Dear (Mr. or Ms.) (Last Name),

With great interest I am responding to the advertised position for a marketing assistant.

In my current position with Williams and Co., I assist a team of busy professionals with their needs, including developing presentations, reports and customized sales letters and scripts.

I am an excellent project manager and often am called upon to research clients and prospects to help develop compelling and innovative sales strategies.

As you mentioned in the ad, I am both a motivated self-starter, and a team player who can function well with diverse personalities. My technological skills meet your needs, and I have excellent attention to detail and problem-solving skills. You will find that I am an effective time manager with a proven ability to work on multiple projects, simultaneously.

Finally, you will find that I am responsible and flexible, willing to take the time to complete projects above and beyond the required office hours.

Attached is my resume and two letters of reference. I look forward to meeting you and learning more about the position and how my skills and interests would be an excellent addition to your team.



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