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4 Seasons: A Metaphor for Life and Death and the Cycle of Life

Nature often reflects the natural order of the universe. Falling under this umbrella is how nature changes with weather and the amount of each day’s daylight, climate, weather patterns, etc. The four seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter – are a primary example. A year – the cyclical nature of the fleeting seasons – can be seen as a metaphor depicting the cycle of life for a human being: From birth through adulthood and into old age and ending with death. This further emphasizes mortality, which is part of the natural order of things.

Like a newborn baby, life comes first – and so does Spring, the emergence of life, a time of birth and creation. This can be seen as illustrating the birth of a human being, or any life form for that matter.  Flowers and trees are coming alive after the long, dark winter – and it’s a time of death and nothingness or nonexistence. As the days grow longer and there are more hours of daylight, everything, all of nature, begins to grow and blossom. This is much like the first 20 or so years of a person’s life, when they are first born, then grow and blossom. writers utilize their analytical skills, scientific and systematic thinking process, rigorous research and art of writing to produce superb quality papers. This essay was written by one of our writers. If you need writing help – place your order here.

After this stage of life, a person enters their summer years, their 20s and 30s – a time of exploration, fun and adventure, friends and memories. It’s also a time of self-exploration, as in choosing a career and finding success and figuring out what makes them feel productive and happy and healthy. This is quite similar to the summer months of the year, in which plants are flourishing and in their prime when they are at the height of the year lives. In the summer season, it seems time is never-ending, with no hint of the season ever ending and certainly no thoughts of life’s end, no apprehensions of withering away because of old age. This is a metaphor for the phase of one’s summer years, with the season lending itself as an appropriate depiction of this time in one’s life.

Fall is naturally a beautiful season, one that is comparable to middle age. There is still much life and beauty in the plants and landscape during this time of the year. However, the days are getting shorter, there are fewer hours of sunshine in each day, prompting a change in the foliage. Leaves transform from green to yellow, brown and orange, at least in much of the United States, and they wilt away and fall to the ground. Though this makes a splendid sight, it represents the first signs of wilting away, of death, in people. The leaves fall to the ground making the trees lighter and more resilient for the proceeding winter months. Fall represents the golden years, the years after 40 and before 70 or so, where life begins to change; it’s the time right before old age when people experience changes in their lives and in their bodies, inwardly and outwardly, when they, quite, unfortunately, start experiencing the signs of death, of withering away slowly and inevitably. Nonetheless, this is just a time of a natural transformation, and because of that is quite beautiful in and of itself.

Lastly, winter comes. This is a time of decrepitude, of illness and death. The days are short, the nights are long, and most days are unsightly, depressing, lonely and dark. Of course, snow falls in winter, these winter months have not been traditionally well liked or enjoyed compared to the more aesthetically appealing seasons, such as summer. Winter is much like the time after a person’s productive years. It is a time of wisdom, dying and finally death. Trees essentially die off in winter. Just like people tend to die in old age, in their elderly years. In winter, the days the shorter, the same the days get shorter for people, too.

A person can find comfort in observing the four seasons this way. People are afraid of death, of change, and so they begin to resist the natural order of the universe. But if they can see the change as inevitable, that death is part of life, they can find solace in letting go and just going with the flow, so to speak.

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Why Summer is my Favorite Season of the Year Essay

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My favorite season of the year is summer because of the warm weather, the school vacation, and the endless fun. I really enjoy the warm weather because it’s the perfect atmosphere to do outdoor activities. My favorite part about summer has to be the fact that school is closed for two months. During summer, you’re free to do whatever you want, not worrying about curfew or waking up early for school. Summer time is a great time to relax with friends and family by soaking up the sun at a beach or simply having dinner together.
I love the hot and humid days that makes you want to dive into a fresh and cold pool. When summer time starts, you can wear lighter clothes, which are much more comfortable. The weather allows people to go outdoors to…show more content…

The break calls for staying up late and waking up whenever you want to. Everyone works so hard during the school year, so they deserve that free time. Summer times are stress free, relaxing, and basically fun. You don’t have to worry about homework, projects, and studying for a test. One of my favorite summer pastimes is staying up late watching movies and eating junk food, and then waking up late and having brunch.

Summer season is the best time for festivals and activities. You can never get bored on a summer day or night. During the day, there are fun activities such as: swimming, sports, picnics, and barbeques. Friends and family spend a lot of time together during the summer time. There is a lot of good food, drinks, and fun music. Everyone is laughing and having a good time. Summer evenings are the best time for concerts, movies, parties, and relaxing with friends. The summer evenings are beautiful because of the sparkly and glittery city lights. One of the best events of the year, July Fourth, happens during summer. The celebration of July fourth is very extravagant and glamorous. People gather around to celebrate and watch the display of fireworks. The vibrant colors and the loud sound of the fireworks are amazing.
Overall, summer is just a wonderful season with so much to offer. The best thing about this time of the year is that everyone is so happy, whereas, compared to the winter, everyone is

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