Nokia E51 Vs E52 Comparison Essay

its good, but it depends on what you value...

seems like with not all upgrades are just that. often they do things that take it a step backwards. after using the Nokia E51 for several years, I thought to upgrade to the E52 to take advantage of the GPS, LED flash and better battery. All those things are good, but one of the main reasons to keep using this kind of phone is for the love of the keypad. The E51 has great tactile feedback and travel. Like the original IBM thinkpad keyboards. The E52 is not so, with its 'cushier' keys, lack of definition and no more 'click' feeling when the keys are pressed. Perhaps Nokia hired some new kids that are into the less responsive less tactile keyboards to design this phone. Seems like this is the trend now with more laptops too. Also, important. I made the mistake of not varifiying the 3G band support for my phone and now I have a Euro E51 in America, and I can't use the 3G. This sucks. Back to using my E51.Read full review

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90 out of 100


Nokia's sleek and slim business smartphone is not just for suits read more

85 out of 100

Phone Arena

Many of the mobile unit manufacturers dedicate a lot of effort to developing phones, targeted at business users. So is the E-series of Nokia, which has been created for and is intended to encompass ... read more

80 out of 100


Simple is good, and that's what the E51 is. It may not have a fancy design, but the E51 excels in nearly all other aspects with a truckload of connectivity features, good performance and attractive price point for an enterprise phone. read more

60 out of 100

Good Gear Guide

The E51 has some questionable design choices, which have dragged down the overall quality of the product, but it's a sturdy phone with all the features a business user could possibly need. read more

N/A out of 100


While the Nokia E51 certainly isn't a 'multimedia computer' like the manufacturer's Nseries of devices, it doesn't have to be. The E51 is targeted as an entry level business smartphone, and in this class, it is simply unparalleled. read more

N/A out of 100


Nokia offers a wide range of Eseries business handsets, including Communicators and enhanced messaging devices of different form factors. Each E series phone is optimized for different types of business users, but all feature the... read more

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