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    Morning, for me, is the gloomiest part of the day.  I always feel that I am missing about three hours of sleep.  Still, somewhere in my subconsciousness, I realize that if I don't wake up and get to where I don't want to be, usually my office, my livelihood as I know it would cease to exist! The car would be repossessed, and Fido might have to go back to the pound! What a prospect! Yet, as a cruel joke, I have to face the dilemma of what to make for breakfast as well. Being at the transitional state between dream and reality, it would help me to be more creative if the selection of breakfast foods is less limited and more enticing, but more often than not, the options include cold cereals, hot cereals, and the artery-clotting forms of food.

     There's a wide selection and various name brands to choose from. For people with a sweet tooth, the choice is plentiful. For instance, Frosted Corn Flakes, made by Kellogg's, is a grain cereal that consists of fine corn flour, sugar, sugar, and sugar, plus corn syrup, calcium carbonate, trisodiumphosphate, and topopherol to preserve freshness. For the health conscious, Honey Bunches of Oats is one of many alternatives. Made by Post, it is also a grain cereal which comes with a list of ingredients that doesn't sound like Chemistry 101! It contains corn, whole wheat, rolled oats, and brown sugar instead of processed sugar, almond, rice, and of course, honey. Sure, one can disguise a bowl of cereal with slices of banana or juicy strawberries, but that's where the excitement ends! No matter the camouflage, a bowl of cereal has the potential to become redundant quickly.

     Perhaps not as popular as cold cereal but just as quick to get to the table, this breakfast food does not fall in the "exciting" category. It does, however, command the respect of other health foods; it is wholesome and known to lower cholesterol levels. The only disadvantage is its extremely fixed quantity of assortment. One can only find three or four selections in any given supermarket. One of the most sold is Quaker Oats. Its ingredient is quite simple: one hundred percent rolled oats! Oats can be prepared effortlessly. With just two parts boiling water and one part oats, breakfast is served. Another variety of hot cereal, grits, is equal in taste but very different in texture. It is made of finely ground wheat and salt. It comes in twelve individual packets to a box which makes it convenient. Grits is prepared in the same manner as oats and just as quickly, so quickly  that there would still be time to prepare a bowl of corn flakes instead!

   This type of meal is not the quickest to make, but for certain, is the most desirable. After days of corn flakes and grits, this is a criminal's last meal before the execution! The list of choices is endless. Topping it, of course, is bacon and eggs. Bacon comes not only in different brands but also in different thicknesses, smoked and regular. Some bacon comes with less fat than others, but all comes with much more fat than it should. Eggs come in various sizes and colors: small, medium, large, and extra large. They're packed in half dozen, one dozen, or a baker's dozen of eighteen to a carton. Their shell's colors range from white, brown to pastel blue and pale yellow. Though there's only one way to prepare bacon, eggs can be cooked in numerous ways. They can be scrambled, hard-boiled, poached, pan fried, or made into omelettes. For those who prefer a "hardier" breakfast, a variety of sausage can be added to the menu. Pork sausage and Kielbasa sausage are the most popular. They can be baked and served sliced with warm bread. Although they're delicious, most sausage contains nitrite, a  quantity. However, preferable this group of breakfast food is, it contains too much fat and cholesterol and should be consumed with moderation.

    As the most important meal of the day, I wish breakfast would have more alluring choices. While cold cereal has a reasonably good taste, it incorporates too much sugar which has the power to transform a sleepy person into a zombie! Also its redundancy makes the draw of sugar less attractive. Hot cereal, though healthy, does not hold its charm for very long due to the bland taste and curdling texture once it becomes cold. The cholesterol-loaded foods, however, prevail over the rest, but because of the excessive amount of fat in these foods, they're not frequently prepared in most households. Moreover, due to the lack of time in the morning, these laborious meals cannot always be prepared. I now make larger portions for dinner and save the left-overs for breakfast the next morning. This is a healthier alternative, and it also gives me more time to sleep!

There are some artists who do it for the money, and some artists who do it for the fame. The best artists are independent of the above, and they do it because art is what makes them live and breathe. This could be a great topic for a classification essay - one that sorts ideas, objects, and people into particular classes or groups.

After picking your topic, it is necessary to decide on the classification criteria to give your essay structure. Following these established criteria for every class or group will provide a smooth reading experience for your reader.

Consider implementing the following patterns to make your classification process more effective:

  • Sort things into categories by their usefulness;
  • Make sure to use the same sorting technique for each category;
  • Provide examples that can fall into each category.

Looking For Categories

After making a list of subjects that piqued your interest, take note of how you can categorize each subject. The best way is identifying different categories under which things fall.

For example, you are at a sports game, and you choose to inspect the various types of sports fans. Right away you’ll see the active viewers- passionate fans with face paint in the front rows who know every player, the aspiring young sportsmen, money-motivated people who bet on their teams, and the loud and aggressive hooligans. Upon taking a closer look, you’ll see the more passive viewers- families taking their kids for an experience or people who were dragged along to the game by their friends. All of these are sorting categories which you will use if you write a classification essay about the various types of sports fans.

Now that we're done with categorization, it’s crucially important to tell you more about.

Crafting A Thesis Statement

It must concisely present the main goal of your topic and show the classification criteria you’re going to use.

Here is an example of a short paper introduction containing a thesis statement at the end:

It’s a warm August morning in Rome. Tourists from all over the world leave their hotels to start a day-long walk through the Eternal City’s numerous iconic sights. These tourists have different motivations, experiences, and personal goals for their visit to Rome. Nevertheless, they are all equally bound to visit the following sites: Vatican City, The Pantheon, and the Colosseum.

How To Write An Outstanding Classification Essay

Below are some tips on how to make your paper a true masterpiece.

Have a clear vision

For example, once you have talked about Rome’s top attractions, it doesn’t mean that you should exclude the Trevi Fountain, another one of Rome’s highly visited sites. Without mentioning it, your story is going to be incomplete. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that you should have a list of places (in our case top sights) that relate to each other.

Stick to one principle

As essay writer has started talking about the top sights of Rome, it would be unnecessary to move to another point and start talking about the best local restaurants.

Classification Essay Topics

It may seem hard at first sight to choose an interesting classification essay topic. Nevertheless, there are plenty interesting paper topics that you can explore throughout classification. Here are few examples of the most interesting topics from EssayPro that you might want to write about:

  • Types of Roommates
  • Online Educational Resources
  • Types of Dancers
  • Video Games
  • Shoppers
  • People waiting in line
  • Reasons for attending (or not attending) college
  • Ways of saving money
  • Politicians
  • Dancing Styles
  • Vacations


In the Classification Essay conclusion, it is necessary to emphasize the overall purpose of the classification. As you draw together the various points you have been examining, it is crucial to summarize the values or limitations of each category. Like in any paper conclusion, you must briefly summarize the points you have been discussing and offer a final comment.

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