Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Solving

Networking Topologies Ques±onsThe Bus topology connects one or more computers on a single bus also known as a _____.Bus network STAR network Switched network MESH network Which topology integrates two or more different topologies to form a resultant topology which has good points (as well as weaknesses) of all the constituent basic topologies rather than having characteristics of one specific topology?Bus topology Hybrid topology Switched topology MESH topologyWhich topology will fail if there is just a loose connection or cable break?STAR topology Bus topology network Ring topology MESH topology Network physical topology refers to the layout of the network, the locations of the computer systems on the network, and ___________.Cabling between the computers Shared displays Shared printers 

Running head: BLUE SKY OPTICAL2Blue Sky OpticalChapter 10BackgroundOptometrists Dianna Good and Charles Cerallo are partners in a west coast eye clinic they started six years ago. They are now interested in opening new locations and believe a computerized system will help with managing the clinics after the expansion. You have been contracted to build the new information system for their current clinic that uses a paper-based system. At this point, Blue Sky Optical has accepted your recommendation to install a server, switch, and five workstation computers as clients on a local area network. One of the workstations will be set up as a point of sales system. The network will include a backup unit, a high volume laser printer, and an impact printer for medical forms that will be accessible by any one of the five workstations. OpenEMR, an open source electronic medical record and medical practice management platform, will be used as the principal application for handling appointments, patient records, and billing. Now you will determine system architecture for Blue Sky Optical.Tasks1.What network model would be the best choice for Blue Sky Optical? Compare and contrast three networking topographies discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each.Internet-model is best choice for Blue Sky Optical. This model uses internet for all the communications. It has 4 layers, they are Application layer, Transport layer, Internet

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