Development And Globalization A-Level Geography Essay

UK trade deficit narrows in January on oil price falls

Topic: Energy, Globalisation and Development

March 12, 2015

The UK trade deficit has narrowed to £616m in January from a five-year high of £2.1bn in December, latest figures from the Office for National Statistics have revealed.

Essay writing A2 Geography

Level: A2// Topic: Atmosphere, Globalisation and Development, Skills A2, Tectonics, World Cities

October 12, 2014

Essay Writing at A2 Please use the above document to help you with the 40 mark essay questions in the GEOG3 exam.

China case study recent information.

Level: A2// Topic: Globalisation and Development, World Cities

March 13, 2014

Link to A2 syllabus: Globalisation and Development: Further growth of NICs, with particular reference to China. World cities: Re-urbanisation: characteristics, causes and effects. Planning and management issues. Contrasting case studies within countries at different levels of economic development to demonstrate the above. China is a large case study in the A2 Globalisation and Development topic. Good example of re-urbanisation to link with the […]

Timeline: Campaigns for a European Union referendum

Level: A2// Topic: Globalisation and Development

March 13, 2014

Ed Miliband has set out Labour’s position on any referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union, the latest twist in a long history of campaigning for such a vote.

UK should raise Myanmar aid to £100m, say MPs

Level: A2// Topic: Globalisation and Development, Latest news

March 13, 2014

The UK government should raise its annual aid to Myanmar from £60m to £100m, despite concerns over human rights, MPs have recommended.

World Wide Web celebrates 25 years

Level: A2, GCSE// Topic: Featured, Globalisation and Development, Latest news

March 12, 2014

The internet has changed drastically since its birth 25 years ago. It is a key accelerant of globalisation connecting businesses and knowledge across the world.

Globalisation: The sky teeming with jets…

Level: A2, GCSE// Topic: Globalisation and Development

March 11, 2014

Human geography at its most beautiful.

AQA Website for past papers and mark schemes AS/A2 level.

Level: A2, AS// Topic: Energy, Globalisation and Development, Population AS, Skills A2, Skills AS, World Cities

March 10, 2014

Using the past papers online is a superb way to revise. Click here to view. These are the units that make up your A level qualification UNIT 1 Physical and Human geography    AS LEVEL    70% As  35% A2 UNIT 2 Geographical skills         AS LEVEL  30% AS  15% A2 UNIT […]

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