Frederick Douglass Essay Pdf

1 Sara Scott Sara Scott Period 5 English CP Mrs. Dilg 12/16/16 The Corruption of Slavery In this world, something known as slavery existed. Of course, the world is quite knowledgeable on that topic and has been enlightened by many documents, books, and or stories that revolve around slavery. One of the most popular books regarding slavery is known as the “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave”which was written by himself. In his Narrative, Douglass shares his story about how the system of slavery affects everyone who are involved within the system. He does his best to show the world how both the slaves and the plantation owners are corrupted through the slave system, as well as showing the true evil of slavery, highlighting the key topics by using strong and powerful rhetorical devices which are displayed throughout the narrative. Throughout his Narrative, Douglass constantly provides many examples as to why slavery corrupts everyone within the system, and one of those examples happen to be treatment towards women. Whether the women were of a different race, they were somehow abused one way or another. Some treatments being worse than the others such as “The louder she screamed, the harder he whipped; and where the blood run fastest, there he whipped longest (7).” This quote shows an amazing example of how Douglass’ Aunt was horribly abused by their Master by going against his rules, therefore making the Master believe that it was all right to torture Douglass’ Aunt. Although this particular quote doesn’t represent any literary terms, the context around this quote proves otherwise. The context contains a combination of both powerful,

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