Mba Dissertations On Innovations

Innovation is a strategic topic in Europe, on top of managers’ priorities. Innovating companies are larger and have a bigger market share than non-innovating companies and they generate a higher growth per head. And companies that failed to innovate at some stage have the lowest performance.
From our 35 interviews with innovation leaders, top managers and intrapreneurs, we conclude that reasons for failure are such as corporate bureaucracy, fear of failure, fear of losing competent staff, perceived risk and difference of scale.
The Innovation quadrant derives from these two dimensions, company agility and openness. We illustrate Innovation paths within the quadrant with examples and testimonials, from the most process-oriented to the most agile, with examples of open innovation experiences and testimonials from intrapreneurs.
Finally, we believe that in a context of abundance of technology innovations, the challenge is less about finding new technologies than assembling technology “bricks” and making the link with customer needs. For that we think that companies need the intrapreneurs, or corporate entrepreneurs.


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