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In recent years, the term hospitality has become increasingly popular and may be interpreted in a number of ways whether it is commercial, industrial or public services. King, in his book, states that hospitality may have four attributes which are that must have a relationship between individuals who take the roles of host or guest, this relationship may be commercial or private (social), the keys to successful hospitality in both the commercial and private sectors include knowledge of what would evoke pleasure in the guest and hospitality as a process that includes arrival, providing comfort and fulfillment of guest’s wishes, and departure. Tourism industries are not the same as the other industries. It is because we provide the services to the customer while some of the other industries provide the tangible product. Thus, hospitality and tourism can not be separated as hospitality is the key to success in the tourism industry. The following paragraph will discuss about the importance of hospitality in relation to the tourism industry.
Firstly, there are several components in the tourism industry, for example, food and beverages, lodging, place of attractions, and transportation. All these components are related to the hospitality. Also each of the components has a connection to each other. So, in order to make sure that the customer will feel satisfied using the tourism services we have to ensure that the customer feels satisfied using each of the components. We need to apply hospitality to the food and beverages, so that customers will feel well treated during their lunchs, dinners or other meals. We also need to apply hospitality to transportation providers so that customers or passengers will feel comfortable during their journey. Other tourism components also require hospitality. Thus, is demonstrated how hospitality is very important to the tourism industry.

Secondly, what we provide in the tourism industry is the intangible product. Customers will never feel or experience the product offered unless they have bought it. So, when they buy the services offered we must provide them with the best service possible so they will feel comfortable using our services. All the services provided such as, guest greeting, and providing a clean and tidy room, showing the facilities provided, and others are all formstypes of hospitality. For example when the guests check into the hotel, we can not simply just give them the room key and let the guest look for their room without any assistance. This is not called as hospitality. Hospitality is more than that; we have to be friendly, courteous, helpful, and so forth.
Finally, the importance of hospitality is to encourage the guest to return again and become repeat customers. In the tourism industry, people are not just looking at the facilities or the price offered, but also looking at the services provided. If they felt satisfied with their previous experience using the service they might come again and even promote the services to others. This situation will generate more revenue for the company. Allowing the company to work less to promote their services. They just have to concern themselves with the services provided to customer and fulfilling the customers’ expectations. This is more valuable rather than we just providing the best facilities but with the worst service. Tourism related companies must emphasize on hospitality in order to succeed.
In short, tourism is not just providing facilities to customers; services or hospitality is the main key that will determine the successof the tourism company. As a service provider we should provide the best services ever and must exceed the customers’ expectations. Only the excellent services provided will satisfy customers satisfied using any tourism service.

I went through your essay and made some changes. It is very well written but there are some errors relating to plural and sinuglar and some word choice. Other than that great work.

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