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Job-Winning Cold Cover Letter

Sample cold cover letter that effectively powers your job search. Use this type of cover letter when you are sending out your resume to network for possible employment opportunities.

Many job opportunities are found through networking, this type of approach to a job search has a higher success rate than other methods of finding a job.

Your cover letter should clearly state why you are interested in the company and what you can bring to the organization. Adapt this sample cover letter for your own use.

When you send a cover letter cold it is essential to have a specific contact person to address and send your email to. Go to the company website to find out the name of the relevant person.

Alternatively contact the company and find out the correct name and email address of the person you should send your email to.

For sample cold cover letters go here. Or use this cold cover email if you want to rather send an email.

Cold Contact Email

Subject Line: Introducing a Top Performing Customer Service Professional

Dear Mr Smith

As a Customer Service Specialist with a track record of achieving excellent results in the XYZ industry, I am enthusiastic about bringing my experience and expertise to your dynamic company.

ABC Company has opened 2 new branches in the last 18 months, significantly expanding your customer base. Some of the key capabilities that I can deliver to meet your increasing customer service needs include:

  • 8 years experience servicing a large, diverse and demanding customer base
  • consistent achievement of performance bench marks in all areas
  • efficient in-depth tracking, analyzing and processing of market-related data
  • excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • a team player who achieves results through co-ordination with all stakeholders

As a hard working and results-driven customer service professional I am confident that I can make a positive contribution to ABC company. My resume is attached for your review and I look forward to meeting with you to further discuss my qualifications and experience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Andrew Candidate



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A reader recently asked if I had a sample “letter of interest” (email or snail mail) to send to a company for employment, even if they don’t have any particular job openings at the moment. Since I didn’t have one to show her, I thought it was a good idea to create a template for a “cold call” letter of interest to share with all of you.

The thing I want to stress is that there is NO ONE RIGHT WAY to approach this. The main thing is to find the best words possible to get them intrigued enough to read your letter carefully, take time to look at your resume, and actually consider whether it might pay to chat with you – regardless of current openings.

Can ANY letter of interest do all that?

I guess that’s a bit of a trick question, since no matter how brilliant your letter or email is, you never know what mood the reader might be in or what kinds of things are going on in the company at the time that might get in the way.

Still, with that caveat in mind, the answer is YES … a great letter of interest that just happens to land at the right time and with the right person can open doors. And since the only cost to you is your time and effort – and maybe the cost of a stamp if you mail it – then the risk is well worth it.

In many ways, job search is a matter of playing the odds and NOT about waiting for absolute certainty, which is extremely rare. And timing can indeed be everything. But this also tells us that you might want to try again at some point if you don’t get the answer you want the first time.

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When can you use this type of “cold-call” letter or email?

There are four basic situations where these can be useful:

  • When there is a company you really want to work for in any position.
  • When there is a particular type of job you know you want.
  • When there is an industry you are targeting.
  • When you are looking for your first job or to change careers and are open to pretty much anything that might fit.

Template for a cold call letter of interest

Since each situation is different, when you work with a template like this it is only meant to offer suggestions and a general framework – please tailor the words to your specific needs and situation! (You can also can use this template for volunteer, freelance, or part-time work.)

The main thing is, you want to be able to grab their attention in a way that interests them enough to give it full attention. The letter should feel natural and have your “voice”. It shouldn’t be too wooden or stiff – nor should it get too cutesy or personal, even when you’ve researched the person you’re writing to.

As much as you might want to gush about how much this means to you or tell them your whole life story, you need to respect their time and remember their point of view. In the end, it really is about them and their needs, even while you are telling them about you.

Look for opportunities to establish some quick commonality about a topic or maybe a person / project in common – even something you read that the person or company representative said. Something like that (use your judgment to stay within bounds) can give you a good lead-in paragraph to hopefully get them intrigued enough to respond.

And now here’s the sample I promised. Again, make sure to use this as a template, adapting it to YOUR individual needs:

[Property of Career Nook. Click to see sample template in new window.]


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