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Career Advice


Damn Good Resume GuideStrong resume examples (both chronological and functional format) for customer service, office work, hospitality, and trades. The Broadway and Downtown Learning Centres have copies of this book with more instructions and different resume samples.
VIDEO: UBC Resume ResourceA great set of three short videos on: writing accomplishment statements (4 min), targeting your resume (6 min), and organizing content (5 min). On the right hand side of the organizing content video are resume samples. Click "Undergraduate Students" to see a list of sample resumes for recent graduates.
Before and After ResumesUniversity of Toronto's career toolkits are an amazing resource that show a series of improved resumes and cover letters for a specific job posting in fields like Accounting, Finance, Computer Science, and Management.
Best Resume Tips for 2014Up-to-date information for those who want to take their resume and career to the next level including tips on branding, social media, and using statistics and keywords in your resume.

Cover Letters

UBC's Career ResourcesEasy-to-read list of bulleted suggestions for a strong cover letter. Click on the "undergraduate students" link to the right to see three excellent cover letters.
McGill's Cover Letter GuidePDF document of step-by-step instructions on writing a cover letter. McGill refers to C.V.s, but in British Columbia, we primarily use resumes.
Harvard Business ReviewArticle on how to give hiring managers what they're looking for in a cover letter.
VIDEO: Cover Letter Tips5 questions answered about how to write a cover letter (2015)
VIDEO: How to Write a Cover Letter30:26 min. Conversational video on how to make your cover letter stand out, how to get referred, how to conduct an information interview, and how to structure your cover letter. Key points of video included alongside.
Manitoba Career DevelopmentCheck out Appendix A for several great examples of cover letters for varied job postings. If you have more time to read, this is a wonderful resource to really develop your cover letter skills.


20 Job Interview TipsComprehensive list of tips for interview success for any level of job experience by Experis.
VIDEO: Job Interview Tips.5:11 min. Harvard Career Centre tips for interview preparation, during an interview, and after the interview. The presenter uses excellent body language and effective presentation style.
VIDEO: "Tell Me About Yourself"3:27 min. Three students model good and bad answers to the common interview question, "Tell me about yourself," as well as improving body language and presentation to be stronger candidates.
VIDEO: "What Is Your Biggest Weakness?"4:33 min. A four step framework on how to answer this question authentically without creating fake "good weaknesses". Note the presentation style is not a good model to follow due to the speaker's shifting, hair touching, etc.
STAR TechniqueDescribes how to answer competency-based interview questions using the STAR Technique (Situation-Task-Action-Result)
VIDEO: Body Language That Gets The Job4:27 min. Highlights eye contact, voice quality, handshake, content, and posture as important factors in a job interview.
VIDEO: TEDTalk Body Language21 min. Longer video that explains how to build confidence through changing body language and posture and research on how body language has a huge impact in having a successful interview.

Job Application Worksheets

These worksheets were written by Steve Graham, who teaches English language at Udon Thani Rajabhat University in north-eastern Thailand. The Thai students at this university take an "English for Future Careers" course: this course forms the basis of these worksheets, which Steve created to supplement Get Ready for Business. The worksheets provide extra materials on preparing job applications and preparing for interviews and they link to units 9 and 10 of Get Ready for Business level 2, which cover writing résumés and attending job interviews. There are five worksheets, each with teacher's notes, covering the following areas:

  1. Understanding job advertisements
    Teacher's notes

  2. Identifying your capabilities and achievements
    Teacher's notes

  3. Preparing your résumé
    Teacher's notes

  4. Writing a covering letter
    Teacher's notes

  5. Simulated interview
    Teacher's notes

To learn more about Steve and English language education in Thailand go to


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