Nursing Teacher Cover Letter

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Nursing Instructor Resume Cover Letter

A certified nurse instructor needs to have a master's degree in nursing and a good amount of experience of nursing work. They may complete their education with hospital-based diploma program with minimum credit hours of 40-60 in physiology, nutrition, chemistry and other subjects. No one directly becomes a nurse instructor or nurse educator; for that, one needs to have the nursing work himself for a considerable amount of time. A common beginner's course in nursing is the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) which is a two-year course.The common tasks of nurse instructor (also known as nurse faculty or nurse educator) are teaching the trainee nurses, preparing them for exams and training them for on-the-job day to day responsibilities. They may be on the hospital staff working closely with the new trainees or they may be a part of faculty with a medical college or university.

Following is a nursing resume cover letter sample for a nurse instructor who is applying for the job at a medical college to coach the aspiring nurses for NCLEX exam (National Council Licensure Examination) which is mandatory exam for obtaining the nurse practitioner's license. Go through the sample before drafting your own cover letter.

Cover Letter Sample

Gerard Norton,
4-D Nurse' Complex
United States
Contact No.: (645) 372-8172

Dr. H. Simpson, Dean
Cornwell Medical Sciences College
15 Heather Avenue,
United States

Subject- Application for the post of Nurse Instructor

Dear Dr. Simpson,

There is a post vacant for the job of a nurse instructor at your college. I have recently seen the job post in the latest issue of Medicine U.S. magazine, dated 20th Nov, '13. I want to apply for the same. The ad says that you require a nurse trainer/ instructor to train the current batch of students for NCLEX

I am right now working as a nurse faculty at the Harper Institute of Nurse Training. I have been taking classes there for the last 3 years. There, I take classes for physiology and nutrition. Apart from this, I take preparatory classes for Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) program Ph.D classes in higher nursing education and NCLEX coaching.

I have a rich career of 25 years in nursing services that include me holding positions like Clinical Nurse Leader and nurse practitioner. Apart from this I have also worked as nursing staff supervisor. My education includes a Ph. D in nursing, Bachelor in Medical Sciences and a Gold medal in physiology. I am also a registered member with the United States Board of Nurses.

Saying this, I am attaching my resume encompassing my complete relevant work history that also includes a lot of field work. Let me assure you that my skills and prior experience of the subject matter will be very useful in training the students for best results.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Gerard Norton


  1. Resume
  2. Certificates of Recognition


For a job like this, it's essential for the applicant to list out his expertise in the field of teaching the required course content. You should be thorough and up to date with any changes in the module. Applicants with rich practical experience are considered for such posts; so please summarize your key career contributions in the field of nursing. Keep it crisp and short as the objective of any cover letter is just to provide the recruiter with an insight into your work history. The job stated here is specifically for NCLEX exam coach and hence the content of this cover letter revolves around the relevant details.

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