Fundamentals Of Nursing Essay

The Fundamentals of Nursing Essay

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In this research paper, I plan to discuss the background of nurses, the different professions they work, and the salaries of an LPN and Registered Nurse.

Nurses work in a variety of specialties where they work independently and as part of a team of assess, plan, implement and evaluate care. Nursing comes in various forms in culture, although the definition of the term and the practice of nursing has being known as wet nurse and latter being known as dry nurse. In the 15th century, this developed into the idea of looking after or advising another, not necessarily meaning a woman looking after a child. Nursing has continues to developed in the latter sense, although the idea of nourishing in the broadest sense refers…show more content…

LPN’s on the other hand are trained in basic skills to provide client care under the guidance of an RN or other licensed provider, for example, a physician or dentist. In the United States these programs are 9 to 12 months in length and exist in a variety of setting: high schools, community colleges, vocational schools, hospitals, and other health care agencies(Delaune& Ladner pg. 41).Nurse Practitioners work within the pre-operative setting(Barnett, 2005).
Little research exists on NP’s role in pre-op; thus, researches have begun to explore the emerging role. The existing research indicates that NP’s skills are more important to the overall efficiency of the pre-operative area NP’s advanced pediatric assessment skills allow them the ability to complete history and physicals on surgical patients. NP’s can collect, identify, and interpret complex patient information and laboratory values, as well as provide pre-op education and psychosocial support to patient and families(Barnett, 2005). “From 1999 to 2000, the Alberta government acknowledged a major RN shortage- a consequence of deep cuts to health care during the early Klein years on of every eight RN’s was laid off and left the province, most permanently. Thousand of nursing students also left the province after graduation, there were no jobs.”(Vihos,Jill, n.p.). There’s still a high demand for nurses today. Nurses earn different pay their salaries may vary by the type of degree they hold and job duties. For

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A quick look at nursing essay examples will show you that a nursing essay should cover the basics of the knowledge that you’ll use in your practice. You want to show the professor that you know your theory and can apply it. The fundamentals of nursing should be clearly shown in the essay.

A nursing essay could be on a wide range of topics. Your professor will likely assign you a specific topic, such as professionalism in nursing, nursing core values or you may end up writing a nursing career goals essay that will cover what you want out of your education.

Not all nursing essays are written for class. You may also be required to write a nursing scholarship essay if you are trying to get financial help for school, or an essay that will be used for your application to nursing school. No matter what the end goal, the format will be the same.

Introduction to a Nursing Essay

Start the essay by writing a thoughtful paragraph that explains what the reader will learn in the essay. Whether you are writing about nursing core values or caring in nursing, the first paragraph will state the topic. This will be presented in the thesis statement or main idea, which must always appear in the first paragraph.

Keep your intro paragraph nice and short. It should be concise and give enough information that your reader will want to continue reading the essay. A hook can be a helpful method of getting them more interested.

A Career in Nursing Essay

Once you have the first paragraph written, you can begin the body. As an example, we’ll look at a career in nursing essay, where you are presenting the requirements and/or the benefits of becoming a nurse. Nursing can be a challenging occupation, so be sure to cover all the most important aspects, including requisites for nursing school, pros and cons of the career, etc.

In this case, you would start with an outline that gives you the main topic and each paragraph, which will be focused on supporting the main topic. If your main point is that a career in nursing is beneficial and worth the schooling, you would write each paragraph with a supporting claim to prove your point.

The body of the essay should be well written, with each paragraph flowing easily into the next. Use transition words to accomplish this and to create a simple rhythm to the text. Ideally, anyone should be able to read the essay and glean information, even if they have never had any interest in nursing. Write clearly and precisely, eliminating extra words, to get the best possible piece out there.

Conclusion of a Nursing Essay

The final paragraph of the nursing essay will summarize the body of the essay. Just a short recap in a few sentences is all you need, but you should also include the thesis statement. Rewrite it so that the same idea is presented, but the wording is unique.

Your final step will be to go back over the essay, checking for mistakes. Look for spelling errors and grammatical issues that the spellchecker doesn’t pick up. You should also look for any awkward sentences that could be better written. Polishing your essay will give you a better grade. If possible, leave the nursing essay for a day or two so you can look at it with fresh eyes, or ask someone else to take a look at it for you.

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